Why Bangladeshi architect and model Sobia Ameen loves the traditional saree

Sari, Rahul Mishra. Blouse, Mukta. Accessories, Anaash. Bag, the right side. Shoes, Sparkling Tumbler




What is your first memory of sari?

I remember when I was very little, I was obsessed with the idea of ​​dressing up as a Bengali bride. I think this is my earliest memory of a saree I owned. I would go all out and ask any adult around me to draw the white dots on my eyebrows and dress me like a bride. I find it very inappropriate today, but as a child I remember it was something I loved doing! While I wore sarees occasionally when I was growing up for special events, it wasn’t part of my daily life. I only started obsessing about it after being away from home for years studying for my degree. When I came back it was something I felt the need to wear to express myself. The second half of my twenties is when sarees became a staple in my wardrobe.

Your most expensive item of clothing or accessory?

My most expensive clothes must be those passed down to me by my mother. Whether it’s a rare Jamdani saree or a bright red Burberry coat (from the 80s) that I wore throughout my university years, I tend to cherish the clothes that make me happy. bring the most comfort and feel at home. My most expensive accessories, however, are quite the opposite. I love to accessorize with pieces further from home, almost exotic. My favorite Murano pieces from my exchange in Venice or the different styles/colors of parandas my mother gave me from pakistan since her youth. I cherish accessories that have a story attached to them of being away from home.

Favorite Indian brands you like to buy from?

I buy from several Indian brands – a mix of styles and prices, but a few that I keep coming back to; Anāash, Advait, Bhaane, Doh Tak Keh, House of Masaba, Injiri, Péro, Turn Black, The Right Sided, Rahul Mishra, Raw Mango, Torani, Misho & Olio.

How do you select a drape or style for your sarees?

The drape and style is chosen based on the type of saree and what I’m pairing it with. I might want to style a saree with a traditional blouse, which is when I drape it in the most common way. When I want to wear a saree with a shirt, I’m likely to drape it like pants or a skirt. The drape for me is usually determined by the top I pair it with and the accessories, whatever compliments the saree/blouse/jewelry is what dictates the drape or style for me.

Is there a particular craft or style that you enjoy wearing the most?

My favorite profession is Nakshi Kantha. I find it fascinating that so much can be conveyed with the type of stitch on a piece of fabric. Nakshi Kantha are usually sewn on old soft fabric, this is one of the most comfortable yet luxurious sarees in my opinion. I love that it usually tells a story or folklore, but also has the comfort of a lightweight blanket. It is generally lightweight and is perfect to wear all year round.

Art direction, styling, make-up and model: Sobia Ameen
Photographer: Vishal Chabbra
Assistant photographer: Manish Arya
Sari Draper: Shahneela Shehereen
Assistant: Tanveerul Islam
Hair: Shiva Singh Chauhan

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