Vadodara: a profitable architect’s studio that makes room for work and play

What does someone do when they need a bigger space? Sometimes they may consider buying a neighboring property, in order to expand the existing one. “It was not possible for us, because the options were too expensive,” says Manoj Patel of the eponymous design studio.

Patel proclaims his devotion to clay tiles in his office facade. “It’s my identity,” he says. Inside, a room is dedicated to the constant research and experimentation of this material that has become synonymous with Patel’s design. The small balconies, which can only accommodate one person, are used by staff to phone away from the hustle and bustle of the office, enjoy a cup of tea or simply take a breath of fresh air.

Studio MK Gandhi

In addition to cocking a snook at solar gain, tiles have also been used for ornamentation; in combination with the stone, they create childish flowers in relief on the surrounding wall of the office.

Studio MK Gandhi

By creating a self-contained office for themselves from scratch at a new site in Vadodara, Manoj Patel Design Studio breaks the rules with a masterful understanding of the end result. With a small floor plate, it would seem unwise to have large cutouts and further reduce the usable area. However, Patel has created spacious volumes while retaining the required carpeting area, in a showcase of what architects can do when designing for themselves. It is possible that most customers interpreted such cutouts to mean only sacrificing valuable floor space, thus rejecting the suggested plan despite other significant benefits.

The sculptural skeleton of a tree branches upward into the atrium, bringing a touch of nature inside.

Studio MK Gandhi

Studio MK Gandhi

The compulsory margin on which the zoning authorities prohibit any construction has been used to create an amphitheater, used for meetings as well as a waiting area for suppliers. It can accommodate 35 people. “As many as 50 different agencies visit us for the materials we order,” says Patel.

Studio MK Gandhi

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In the 900 square foot floor plate, Patel used between 20% and 50% of the space for cutouts. “Despite this, we also had to install an elevator and a staircase,” he says of the juggling act that fitted the office into 4,500 square feet.

With a playful, youthful vibe in aqua, orange, black, and gray, this structure is spread over six floors. The ground floor and the three upper floors are occupied by the office and the staff. The top two floors house a penthouse with living and dining areas, a kitchen, a bedroom, a jacuzzi and a garden terrace. “My house is nearby. I have a four year old daughter who comes every night with my wife. As this office has a cook on site, we dine here together,” says Patel, redefining the idea of ​​combining work and home in a rather new way.

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