Tree Service Marietta Hires New Project Manager to Ensure Faster Service Delivery

Marietta, Georgia – When Marietta Tree Service realized that many projects were behind schedule, the company decided to start looking for a new project manager. Yesterday, the company’s CEO confirmed that his company had found a new project manager. During a conversation with a group of journalists, the CEO mentioned that the new project manager will ensure that the owners of Marietta and neighboring areas obtain the requested services much faster.

“Tree Service Marietta has grown so much over the past 6 years,” the CEO said when explaining his decision to hire a new project manager to a group of reporters. “The company has gone from a few projects in a week to over 50 projects in a single week. Although more projects have always meant more money for the company, they have also created a problem when it comes to planning and delivery. As a result, the company often forced owners to wait for their services longer than they would like.

The CEO mentioned a case where the company nearly overlooked a tree service project that had been commissioned by an owner a few weeks in advance.

“An owner called the office to schedule an appointment with the company for a tree-cutting project,” the CEO said. “However, the team eventually forgot about the project and the owner had to call to remind the company of the tree-cutting project. If the owner hadn’t been one of Tree Service Marietta’s long-time customers, she probably would have decided to go to another company. This would have made sense considering Tree Service Marietta had already delayed their service for over 3 days.”

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When the CEO became aware of the risk his company was facing, he decided to add a project manager to his team. The CEO of Tree Service Marietta indicated that his company now has 4 project managers.

“Tree Service Marietta has added new project managers over the years,” the CEO said. “The goal is to expand the company’s team to meet customer needs. When the number of Tree Service Marietta projects increased from 10 to 20 per week, the company added a second project manager. When the number of requests increased again to 35 per week, the company hired a third project manager. Now that the number has reached 50, Tree Service Marietta thinks 4 project managers would be more ideal.

The CEO noted that each manager will be responsible for projects that do not exceed 14 each week. He noted that with 14 projects per week, project managers will need to make plans for at least 2 projects to be completed daily.

“The company already has a lot of modern equipment,” the CEO said. “For example, Tree Service Marietta already has 5 bucket trucks. In addition, the company already has a large number of professional tree service providers. This simply means that it will be extremely easy for project managers to divide equipment and teams into 4 categories. With 4 teams working simultaneously, the company will be able to manage 4 projects at once.

The CEO noted that the teams will work twice a day. He did a math and said that with the company running 8 projects a day and working 7 days a week, his team will complete 56 projects a week.

“The company is ready to ensure that all customer needs are met,” said the CEO. “This means that Tree Service Marietta will no longer keep its customers waiting. In addition, the company will no longer lose customers to competitors.

Tree Service Marietta continues to have its base of operations at Tree Service Marietta 2305 Colleen Cir SW, Marietta, GA, 30060. Owners interested in the company’s services can reach its offices at +1 678-661-6293 and [email protected]

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