Transport project manager

Employer: University of Cambridge – Probate Division

Site: Cambridge

Salary: £37,467 – £50,296

Closing Date: February 13, 2022

Sector: Energy, Environment
A function: Environmental management

Warwickshire County Council is seeking to appoint an Environment and Energy Manager x 2 working within the Strategic Asset Management team.

You will provide expertise to support Warwickshire County Council’s environmental management system and its goals and targets to achieve net zero carbon.

You will shape how the Council responds to new and emerging environmental and energy challenges and opportunities.

You will ensure that WCC continues to meet all of its legal and compliance obligations and minimize its adverse effects on the environment. You will develop and maintain good working relationships with our range of key stakeholders including statutory partners, service providers, the voluntary sector and clients.

The main objective of strategic asset management is to provide an efficient and cost-effective public realm that meets the needs of the Council and supports the communities we serve. Strategic asset management in governance and policy fulfills the strategic and forward-thinking aspect of estate management. As such, the team is focused on ensuring that our property portfolio supports our medium-term financial strategy as well as our capital and business strategies and that our property assets are used to drive the ambitions of the board plan and support the provision of consultancy services.

Reporting to the Commissioner for Energy and Environmental Management, you will contribute to the implementation of the WCC’s environmental and energy strategies and policies and the implementation of initiatives to support emergency and Council’s Zero Carbon Strategy on Climate Change.

Assistance in the management and monitoring of a 14001 certified environmental and energy management system.

Gather data and provide information in a way that would enable WCC to comply with any carbon reporting, Freedom of Information (FoI) requests related to energy use, and environmental reporting regulations, optionally.

Assist in the development, implementation and delivery of environmental and energy projects.

The role involves working across the county to ensure that external clients and influences are developed and managed.

Key requirements

  • University degree holder in a relevant subject in environmental sciences or equivalent
  • Have an interest in environmental issues, relevant legislation and renewable energy sources.
  • Able to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients, whether in person, over the phone or via email/digital correspondence and understand the need to value confidentiality where required
  • Be proficient in the use of computer software, e.g. Microsoft Office, email, and the ability and willingness to use software/databases associated with this role
  • Experience supporting the preparation of tenders/contracts/budgets/contract management
  • Ability to summarize and communicate complex technical information
  • Good organization and time management
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to travel throughout the county for site surveys (including access to potentially difficult locations)

To be successful in this role, you could:

Be a member of IEMA;
Hold an accredited environmental or energy audit certificate
Have experience in identifying and prioritizing project opportunities as well as financing and related accounting concepts. Knowledge of financial accounting concepts, eg NPV, IRR, ROI.
Experience using data reporting systems (e.g. SystemsLink)
Knowledge of mechanical and electrical power/heating systems related to the building

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