Tim McCormick, Public Relations/Project Manager, Harley-Davidson Museum

Thanks to the foresight of Harley-Davidson’s founders and the passion of its riders, the art of motorcycles can be found inside the HD Museum building, outdoors on our 20-acre campus and on freeways. and remote routes found in every corner of the planet. .

While many of the people you find in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle may not consider themselves artists, I have seen how they ensure their motorcycle is an extension and expression of their personality. . The craftsmen and women who help build our world-renowned machines have painstakingly created a canvas for riders that might stand on its own, but is also ripe with the opportunity to make this bike unique in its own right. gender.

This artistry extends to our entire team at the HD Museum. I am always amazed at the creativity our curators and archivists use to share the incredible stories of Harley-Davidson riders. Even in the Harley-Davidson Shop, our colleagues create (and sometimes recreate) vintage styles that stand the test of time.

You can’t go a week without seeing a band bring their musical talents and artistry to our campus to deliver a scintillating soundtrack. Motorcycles and music have a long-standing love affair that brings out the best smiles (and moves) in our riders.

This weekend (September 1-5), the Hometown Rally is taking over campus, and we guarantee you’ll find some tunes that will rock your livelihood!

But it’s often the rolling sculptures that still steal the show for many. Guests who make the trip to our motorcycling mecca know what Harley-Davidson stands for and that freedom of the soul is celebrated. It’s a look, sound and feel that has made Harley-Davidson a global icon.

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Visit: Harley-Davidson Museum

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