Swathi Nelabhatla: a leader in digital solutions architect

Swathi Nelabhatla has over 15 years of experience providing technological solutions that solve difficult problems, and she is always looking to improve the quality of her work. Throughout her career, she has optimized the efforts of various teams of technical experts and has consistently completed projects in extremely competitive environments.

Swathi as a digital architect

Working as a digital solutions architect, she has worked on projects in many industries with many startups, Fortune 500 companies and in her own company – SheJobs. SheJobs is a portal for women that she uses to bring more women into tech. She has seen the wonders that technology can do, and through SheJobs, she hopes to see more women excel by matching them with job opportunities that provide the best work-life balance.

Her primary focus is Java and SQL, with a solid knowledge of digital transformation – cloud technology, workflows, sales force personalization, data validation, digital marketing and web services. In particular, she has helped different organizations create merchandise-aligned, business value-driven delivery units to get the most out of their sales force platforms. She also has excellent work experience in the areas of AES, PGP, RSA, mobile applications and the development of asynchronous messaging systems.

Browse her portfolio and learn that her experience runs deep in integration, operations, and platform architecture – and how she leads architects to achieve their goals. You will also learn how she tackles complex challenges through innovative approaches and clear thinking to create exceptional business value. In particular, her passion for technology has led her to contribute enormously to:

  • Architecture, design, development and deployment of the technical system
  • Deployment and personalization of Salesforce products – cloud marketing, sales cloud and cloud service
  • The design of multi-tier applications using frameworks like Struts.
  • Technical-commercial and functional analysis on IT projects of software products
  • Design and optimization of digital marketing solutions
  • Web Services Used for Salesforce Integrations
  • Writing unit test cases using test frameworks such as Jmockit, Junit and Spock
  • Data migrations across enterprise and consumer platforms across multiple domains
  • Creation of knowledge documents, process documentation and deployment process flow and issuance of resolution / RCA documents for the future

Swathi wears several hats

Swathi’s motivation to provide value-added solutions and complete projects has earned the respect of its clients, which has helped to build long-term relationships. She is admired for her consistency, her perseverance and the quality of her work. His proven track record as a practical contributor and multi-level experience allows him to adapt to different technology environments.

Swathi is a very influential person in the architect of digital solutions. His focus on goal achievement, unique personality, lifelong learning mindset, and knowledge in various areas of development have all contributed to his super popularity. His flexible, friendly and professional nature in this technology has further elevated his status among notable technology connoisseurs. Even his colleagues and employers also appreciate his ability to understand a problem area and provide appropriate technological solutions.

Swathi’s career continues to soar to glory. She continues to rise through the ranks and provide solutions to complex problems. His massive contribution to technology cannot be underestimated, nor his strength and tenacity in tackling some real world challenges to become an icon of the architect of digital solutions.

She loves her job and brings a unique blend of skills to every task. It is this love for what she does that has kept her soaring to continued glory. Swathi Nelabhatla is proud to call itself a leader in digital solutions architect.

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