Scrum 2022: Get started as a Scrum Master or Product Owner

TL; DR: Scrum 2022 – How to start as a Scrum Master or Product Owner

You are probably considering how to advance your career as a Scrum Master or Product Owner in 2022. Perhaps I can help you in this regard with a set of LinkedIn articles, documents and surveys that I have written and have come up with. proven most popular in 2021. They range from Product Owner and Scrum Master interview questions to a variety of anti-Scrum models to the most engaging polls on seemingly straightforward questions about ‘agile’ in general and Scrum in particular. All articles contain free e-books that explore the issues and provide practical tips on how to resolve them. Good luck with Scrum 2022, stick to the first principles!

27 anti-sprint models holding back Scrum teams

Welcome to the Sprint Anti-Patterns article in our Scrum Anti-Patterns series, covering not only the three Scrum roles, but also stakeholders as well as IT management.

So far, the free Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide has been downloaded over 11,000 times.

20 questions new scrum masters should ask their teams to get up to speed

Twenty questions for you – the new Scrum Master – that fit into a 60 minute time box. Start learning how your new Scrum team is currently delivering product and get up to speed: from product backlog analysis and metrics to team challenges and technical debt. Download a printable template for your convenience.

Scrum Guide 2020 – The development team is dead; Long live the Scrum team!

The Scrum Guide 2020 is available now: the change is coming to make Scrum more accessible and inclusive beyond software development. Learn more about the changes, download the all new and free Reorganized 2020 Scrum Guide to quickly spot trends and join the discussion of the Scrum community.

So far, the Reordered Scrum Guide has been downloaded over 10,000 times.

Product Owner’s Anti-Patterns – 31 + 2 Ways to Improve as a PO

If you are working as a Product Owner, there is most likely room for improvement. This list of some of the more common Product Owner anti-models can be a place to start. Therefore, if you recognize some anti-patterns in your daily work, why don’t you ask the rest of the Scrum team for help? The Product Owner’s list of anti-bosses is a good starting point for a retrospective.

20 anti-sprint planning models

Sprint planning is a key event, defining how the lives of your customers will improve with the next product increment. Learn more about how to improve efficiency by avoiding 20 common anti-sprint planning patterns.

Three large-scale Scrum Master failures in 5h31 minutes – Make your Scrum work # 1

There are a lot of failures in Scrum Masters. Since Scrum is a framework with a precise and concise but short “manual”, this effect should come as no surprise.

Explore with me three popular examples of how Scrum Masters fail on their team in three short video clips, totaling 5 minutes and 31 seconds.

Scrum Master Anti-Patterns – 20 Signs Your Scrum Master Needs Help

There are many reasons why Scrum Masters violate the spirit of the Scrum Guide. They range from inadequate personal traits and the pursuit of individual agendas to frustration with the team itself.

Read on and find out in this Anti-Scrum Patterns article how you can identify if your Scrum Master needs team support.

Agile Metrics – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Appropriate agile metrics reflect either a team’s progress in becoming agile or your organization’s progress in becoming a learning organization.

At the team level, qualitative agile metrics often work better than quantitative metrics. At the organizational level, it is the opposite: quantitative agile metrics provide better information than qualitative metrics.

Conclusion: Scrum 2022 – Getting started as a Scrum Master or Product Owner

Scrum will also be Scrum in 2022. I find this continuity useful because it allows us to think more deeply about challenges and problems. Scrum 2022 is not about reinventing the wheel or chasing the next shiny ‘Agile’ object. 2022 is to show yourself, embrace what awaits us and get your hands dirty while make your Scrum work, one anti-model at a time.

How do you plan to get started in 2022? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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