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job description

Reporting to the Principal / Senior Project Manager, the Assistant / Project Manager (APM / PM) is part of the Campus Development project team to realize the vision and aspirations of the new campus. The APM / PM will provide technical and administrative support to the PPM / SPM to develop and implement a Project Execution Plan (PEP), to represent the University to ensure the interface between senior management and stakeholders internal and external, and to plan and manage the overall implementation of the project and deliver the project successfully to achieve the objectives and goals of the project, including time, cost, quality and safety.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop project briefs, design specifications, user requirements and project execution plan, budget / costs and work schedules.
  • Participate in brainstorming, data collection, evaluation and implementation of innovative ideas and intentions for the new campus.
  • Provide technical and administrative support in various aspects to support the effective implementation and success of the project.
  • Work closely with all relevant stakeholders, to help ensure that project progress and completion are on budget, on schedule and in compliance with contract terms and requirements.
  • Plan and manage the procurement process, including tendering, evaluation and selection and appointment of project consultants and contractors.
  • Manage design development from master planning to detailed specifications tailored to regulatory compliance and ready for tender.
  • Ensure proper project documentation and timely reporting on the various stages of the project to the University Board and Management, as well as to the relevant agencies.
  • Ensure strict compliance with the requirements set by government authorities and agencies and the various contracts to which the University will be a party in all aspects of the project.
  • Coordination with stakeholders on the schedule for moving into newly completed buildings.

Job requirements

  • At least 3 years of relevant professional experience in the management of construction projects, involving the design and construction of buildings.
  • Recognized university degree in project / construction management (preferred), architecture, building and property management, civil and structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering or surveying.
  • Good understanding of project planning, execution and management.
  • Good organizational, administrative, interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Good working knowledge of engineering and construction, construction budgets, industry standards and compliance, procurement, tendering and contracting.
  • Good understanding of construction projects in areas relating to:
    • durability and green design, functionality, constructability, maintenance and operations.
    • authority requirements, code of practice, standards and guidelines.
  • Technically proficient in various software such as Microsoft Project.
  • A good appreciation of the current technology associated with the design and construction of buildings is an added advantage.
  • A highly motivated and confident team player with a serious learning attitude.
  • A passionate learner, always ready to tackle new areas of experience and learning.

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