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Project managers should be detail-oriented planners who can move a project forward. They can obtain additional certifications in project management. They should also have experience working with project management software and other planning tools, such as work breakdown structures or Agile methodologies.

Program managers need to be strong leaders who can focus on strategy. They should have experience in budget planning, program strategy, and cross-departmental communication. In some cases, program managers begin their careers as project managers. Other vocational training programs are available to improve their skills.

Professional responsibilities

Program managers and project managers oversee projects and facilitate communication between team members and key stakeholders, but a project manager will focus on the details of an individual project while the program manager oversee how multiple projects align with business goals. Common responsibilities of a program manager include project strategy, risk assessment and planning, quality control, and performance reporting to key stakeholders and management. Project manager roles will include creating schedules, communicating with team members, and ensuring that deliverables and milestones are met on time.

Tools needed to do the job

Project managers rely heavily on project management software, such as, Wrike, or ClickUp. Program managers should also be familiar with these project management software options. Project managers and program managers should be familiar with industry-specific systems, such as content management systems (CMS).

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