Product Owner Alpha Now Part of Coronavirus Digital Response Team

At least one member of the 11-person team that has spent the past three months reinventing, the state’s website, may have found their next assignment – as part of California’s response novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Angelique B. Quirarte, assistant secretary for digital engagement for California Government Operations Agency (GovOps), confirmed at The Washington Post she is part of what the newspaper called “a dedicated digital team” tasked with launching “a coronavirus rapid response website.”

“Our task is to try to make sense of all the complex information that has been presented to the public and turn it into a format that is easier to consume,” Quirarte said. The post office Friday, adding that the website is expected to launch this week. Quirarte, the product owner and leader of project, which ended on March 4, also said she spoke to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative on “how their team could help develop content” for the website, according to The post office, and identify research trends. The company, owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, is focused on finding new ways to harness technology and community solutions to accelerate advances in science and technology.

Michel wilkening, special advisor on innovation and digital services in the governor’s office and one of Alpha’s three executive sponsors, said The post office the problem centers on “… really, how do we engage people with their government? And how to rethink the way we do business. Not unlike Alpha’s mission, which began on December 2 and completely redesigned at least 17 state processes – from requesting unemployment to checking local water quality to requesting a copy of a birth certificate.

It is not yet clear who else may have joined the new team. With Quirarte, Alpha included California Department of Technology employee Artem Khomishen, its designer of interactions; and Luc Fretwell, its project designer and CEO of the Oakland-based company Proud city.

At the open house marking the end of Alpha’s initial sprint, Wilkening told the audience that the Alpha team will probably “really think about what we’ve done and what we’ve learned from it, how to make it evolve.” , what’s next, how do we move that into a beta, what a beta team looks like, what the beta itself looks like. “

Chaeny Emanavin, director of the California Health and Human Services Agency Office of Innovation, praised the Alpha team’s working style as “highly aligned, loosely coupled” in a conversation with Technical wire That day. It’s a position that may have allowed Quirarte and others to quickly focus on the coronavirus.

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