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Tell us about your tech stack.

We make it a priority to always use the latest technologies. For example, we will not use something that will be useless in a few years.

Elixir/Phoenix is our go-to choice for all new projects. Modern web applications require both real-time communication with end users (chat, live updates, notifications, etc.) and background processing (transaction management, reporting, external integrations, etc. ). Elixir’s use of the Erlang virtual machine brings an excellent multi-process model to these challenges. We still use Rubies on railsthus, mainly for legacy applications and in some cases for new applications where Elixir does not have a clear advantage over Rails.

We use React and react native for developing web and mobile apps, respectively. React Native allows us to develop Android and iOS apps that look and feel native but share a code base, making building faster, more efficient, and easier to maintain.

What internal or customer projects are you proud of?

We worked with OrderUp, a national food ordering company, to create an in-house menu builder (which cuts data entry time in half) and an Android app. Shortly thereafter, OrderUp was acquired by let’s group.

We are proud of our work for spotcrime, a crime data aggregator that has been a customer since 2008. More recently, we have built an infrastructure that has allowed the application to handle large volumes of data at a lower cost. It is visited by one million users per month and sends over five million email alerts per month.

We even created software that ran on the international space station.

What do you look for in new recruits?

We make very strategic hiring decisions. We’re looking for developers who are strong technical talents – people who understand software from the ground up and IT from an applied perspective. We are looking for people who are deeply interested in programming; for them it is more than a job, they read about it in their free time.

We are looking for people who are smart, capable, genuinely interested in the work and excited to come every day.

Our team is very autonomous. We’re not going to micromanage you here. We are therefore looking for autonomous and very independent people.

Tell us about your internal culture.

Our processes are well thought out and streamlined. Never wanting to stagnate with old technology, we make a concerted effort to keep up with the modern technology landscape. Our team members have a variety of skills and we appreciate that.

In terms of career growth, we encourage you to pursue things you want to learn or try. We keep the lines of communication open so team members can discuss their interests, find a way to explore new ideas, learn from technology stacks between client projects, and more.

A lot of people here have their own side projects, so we have a side project club that meets once a month where employees can update the team on what they’re building.

What are your company values?

● Be Trustworthy — We want happy, loyal customers, and that happens when they know we have their best interests in mind.

● Collaboration and communication — We are very collaborative and transparent; our customers own the accounts we create for them and they invite us to access their accounts. There is no non-technical PM sitting between us and our customers. The developers communicate directly with them.

● Be pragmatic and intentional. We come prepared and use the time wisely.

Do you have any particular company and/or community traditions?

Before the pandemic, we organized a company lunch once a week. These days we still hold weekly meetings with online presentations. And to bond for about an hour, we hosted a few virtual happy hours where the company supports the team dinner.

As part of growth and development, we send everyone to one to two conferences a year. This year, we participated and sponsored ElixirConf remotely, as well as attend the React Native EU conference remotely.

One of the things we are most proud of is our efforts to sponsor and produce grassroots events. In 2019 alone, we sponsored 56 events. We are a long time sponsor and supporter of events. We program and host our own range of Metincluding the Baltimore Elixir Meetup. And, we also recently donated $13,000 to Black-led organizations in Baltimore and DC.

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