Mediaclip is now ISO 27001 certified (registered) for its complete Mediaclip Designer and Mediaclip Hub ecosystem

MONTREAL, CANADA–Mediaclip, the leading provider of custom product software solutions for the web-to-print (web2print) and print-on-demand (POD) industries, is delighted to announce that it is now ISO 27001 certified. for all of its Mediaclip Designer and Mediaclip Hub Ecosystem software

“Succeeding the ISO27001 certification audit serves as external validation that our controls, protocols and processes align with international standards for operations and security,” said Marion Duchesne, CEO of Mediaclip. “This certification demonstrates Mediaclip’s commitment to ensuring our operations and technology undergo continuous security improvements and assures our customers that they can entrust their data to Mediaclip, a world-class organization. .”

About ISO 27001 certification

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards. ISO 27001 is a globally recognized cybersecurity and governance framework for providing requirements and standards by which modern software vendors are assessed for their information security management system. This ISO certification reiterates Mediaclip’s long-standing commitment to maintaining the best security practices for its employees and customers. Furthermore, it strengthens the company as a leading provider of innovative, technologically sound and secure software solutions supporting the security and reliability of product customization and product customization.

By undergoing the rigorous ISO certification process, Mediaclip demonstrates its commitment to reducing risk, protecting data and continuing processes to extend its security procedures.

Christian Rondeau, CIO – Mediaclip, who was instrumental in Mediaclip’s certification process, adds: “We are very proud of our certification. Over the past two years, Mediaclip has developed and improved its governance, policies and its risk management. , elevating our existing security and privacy practices to a high degree of compliance. Thanks to the excellent work of our teams to advance our position on cybersecurity and privacy, we are pushing the expectations of our industry and show our customers our commitment to quality, cybersecurity, privacy protection, and our ability to continuously improve.”

“With the rising cost of data breaches, many customers require security validation before deciding to work with an organization. ISO 27001 certification provides customers with industry validation confirming that Mediaclip owns and will continue to meet increased security level requirements, giving them confidence that the organization maintains the highest security standards,” he continues.

For more information about Mediaclip and our cybersecurity and privacy capabilities, visit our ISO 27001 Certification Information Page.

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