Jubilee Farms owner opens local grocery store in Pauline

Jacob Towe, owner of Jubilee Farms of Pauline, started his pasture-raised cattle farm in 2018.

During his early years as a farmer, Towe, a regular at the Hub City Farmers Market, quickly found it difficult and time-consuming to introduce his produce to consumers.

“One of the biggest hurdles for farmers is actually getting the product to market, especially for small farms, and being able to make a profit while selling their product at a fair price in a way that doesn’t doesn’t take all their time,” Towe said.

This fall, the Pauline Farmer aims to create another sales avenue for local farmers while addressing a need in his community by opening a local grocery store.

Jacob Towe, owner of Jubilee Farms, opens a local grocery store in Pauline.

To be considered a food desert, the closest grocery store to a rural area must be more than 10 miles away; Pauline does not qualify with three of her closest grocery stores – Food Lion in Roebuck, Walmart Neighborhood Market on Cedar Springs Road and Ingles on South Pine Street – 6.7, 6.8 and 7.7 miles away, respectively. , or 10-12 minutes by car.

However, although the community is not considered a food desert, residents still have a limited variety of foods, especially healthy foods, available within the community. Some dry, canned, frozen and refrigerated products are available at Dollar Général and other Pauline convenience stores.

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“There are all one and a half other places (for food in Pauline). We have a Dollar General, which is awesome, grand and wonderful, but I don’t think anyone has ever accused Dollar General of offering options healthy,” Towe said. “There aren’t really any other options right now, so hopefully (the grocery store) will serve the community better.”

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The planned grocery store is an extension of one of Jubilee Farms’ core beliefs; namely that quality food must be accessible to all.

The grocery store, which Towe says could be called Farmfare Local Grocery, will carry forest-raised pork, pasture-raised beef and chicken and eggs from Jubilee Farms as well as produce from other local farms and foods. basic.

Jacob Towe hangs a sign announcing the new grocery store.

“The store’s goal is to be a full-fledged grocery store, not just a produce stand or meat market,” Towe said. “I want it to be a place where people can come and do their weekly shopping and know that everything they buy in the store has been produced as locally as possible and is of the highest quality possible.”

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The grocery store will not only benefit Towe’s farm, but also other local farmers who typically have to drive into town or further afield to gain similar experience selling at a farmers’ market. It will also allow access to fresh, locally produced food during the week for people who cannot visit farmers’ markets on weekends.

“It’s an opportunity to bring consumers and producers together,” Towe said.

The new local grocery store will bring Pauline fresh farm produce, meat and more.

The grocery store will be located at the intersection of highways 56 and 215, across from the Philadelphia Baptist Church (3119 SC-56).

Towe said he is currently in the process of officially renting the storefront, which already carries a banner advertising the upcoming grocery store. The building will require electrical and cosmetic work, Towe said, but should be ready to open in early October.

“Right now we’re mostly trying to get the word out. We’re launching a website here in the next few days and social media with that,” Towe said.

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