Job offer: Software product owner – opsCTRL provider

  • NovaLoop is looking for experts with diverse experiences and skills, who believe in sustainability concepts and wish to be part of a multidisciplinary team!

    We look forward to meeting committed people who want to work together to develop and implement sustainable concepts for companies of different sizes and industries. If you’re passionate about making products, supply chains and manufacturing processes more sustainable like us, our team will give you the opportunity to share your beliefs. As a team, we work together every day, sharing common goals and treating each other with respect. As an employer with a vision for the future, we look forward to …

  • Important tips for hiring a PHP developer for web development project

    In the field of web development, PHP development is a recognized option for web development. As of 2021, PHP authorizes over 75% of global web portals and ranks among the best programming languages ​​for web development. What are the main reasons for the popularity of PHP web development solutions? The answer is simple. It is extremely easy to learn, runs efficiently on a different server, and has a special framework. According to some professional web developers, it is easy to choose PHP and build …

  • Exosomes News: Creative Biolabs Introduces Exosome Purification Services for Cargo Loading Research

    As exosomes can transmit information from donor cells to recipient cells via the proteins, mRNA, miRNA they carry, in order thus to achieve the exchange of information and material between cells, they have recently been a hot topic as they are used as a drug carrier to transport “Future research may focus on how to improve exosome loading,” Creative Biolabs lead scientist said, “at present some anti-cancer drugs , including doxorubicin, paclitaxel, and genetic drugs, can be effectively …

  • 1st integrator to be certified in the UK by BARA

    RMGroup became the first integrator in the UK to be accredited under the RIA / BARA Robot Integrator Certification Program. The entire RMGroup team is incredibly proud of this achievement and would like to share the article published below.

  • Free health check-up and refresher sessions are now available for customers of the Near Infrared Endoscope System (NIR-B)

    As an existing NIR-B customer, we offer you and your team a free remote health check-up and refresher training session to ensure peak performance and maximum return on investment from your system, at both instrument and software. During the session we will focus on:

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