Infragistics Innovates Designer-Developer Collaboration with Ultimate 21.1 UX/UI Toolkit

CRANBURY, NJ (June 17, 2021) – Infragistics, the software company responsible for UI and UX solutions powering cross-platform applications for the world’s largest enterprises, today announced the release of Infragistics Ultimate 21.1. The latest release breaks new ground in app design and developer collaboration with the world’s only digital product design platform, Indigo. Design, which helps teams build apps up to 10x faster.

Infragistics Ultimate 21.1 is built around three key themes:

Hyper-productivity enhancements for developers and designers with the comprehensive design-to-code platform, Indigo.Design App Builder

Innovations and new experiences in Angular, React, Web Components & ASP.NET Core

Windows Forms and WPF enhancements with support for Visual Studio 2019

Drive Product Excellence with Design to Code

The biggest challenge in app development today is streamlining app building from design to code. Indigo.Design App Builder is a new design-to-code platform with the industry’s first WYSIWYG web IDE. App Builder improves designer-developer collaboration and speeds app delivery while eliminating UI and UX bugs.

With Indigo.Design App Builder, developers get a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) that’s similar to the tools developers use today, like Visual Studio, except it’s a web-based platform. It also includes a toolbox full of real UI components from the Indigo design system, which map directly to the Infragistics Ignite UI component libraries.

While App Builder is a revolutionary new feature of Indigo.Design, the entire platform incorporates UI and UX best practices throughout the five main stages leading to final development in the app building process:

Create user interface prototypes. Create interactive prototypes with a comprehensive design system that includes usable components, over 60 user interface controls, predefined application templates, and predefined layout and design template options. Or import your own custom designs from Sketch. (Coming soon: Adobe XD and Figma)

Create the app. Indigo.Design’s App Builder is a one-of-a-kind WYSIWYG drag and drop tool for developers. With an intuitive user interface, teams can design screens and build apps up to 80% faster than hand coding.

Test the app from any location before coding. Perform unlimited, unmoderated remote user testing and get stakeholder feedback early, before coding, to avoid costly iterations with your development team. Get screen-by-screen and video analysis to make sure your design is correct before handing it over to developers.

Preview your app and code in real time. Designers can see and experience their running applications and source code in real time while designing, allowing them to iterate with the design without writing a single line of code.

Generate code. Once their UI is pixel-perfect, users can turn their designs into clean, production-ready HTML, TypeScript, and CSS for Angular to hand off to developers. (Coming soon: React, Web Components and Blazor)

All features of Indigo.Design, including App Builder, are part of the Infragistics Ultimate 21.1 release.

Improvements to Angular, Blazor, Web Components and React

Infragistics Ultimate 21.1 also delivers innovative new components and features for the modern web, including enhancements to Infragistics’ industry-leading toolkits for Angular, Blazor, Web Components, and React.

Ignite UI for Angular v12 is one of the first commercial-grade toolkits to be compatible with Angular 12, the latest version of the Google framework. It includes dozens of new features, including the new Angular Tree component, improved themes, export to Excel for hierarchical grid functionality, date and time column types, date and time picker components. time refactored, etc.

Continuous Innovation in Windows Forms and WPF

Windows Forms and WPF remain the most popular platforms for building apps in the enterprise space. Infragistics has been the leader in this space – providing the most comprehensive set of rich client tools for desktop developers for over two decades, and we continue to innovate and deliver for these popular platforms. This release includes over three dozen improvements in graphics, geospatial maps, updated designers for .NET Core/.NET 5 design time in Visual Studio, and more. Developers will continue to deliver value to their customers in their desktop applications with the 21.1 release of Infragistics Ultimate.

“Infragistics Ultimate 21.1 guarantees state-of-the-art development on any desired platform,” said Jason Beres, SVP Developer Tools, Infragistics. “It offers updates on core frameworks from Infragistics Ultimate including Window Forms, WPF, .NET Core as well as modern web frameworks from Blazor, Angular, React and Web Components and Indigo.Design, the new builder of applications that can dramatically accelerate your application design and development.”

About Infragistics Ultimate

Infragistics Ultimate 21.1 is the company’s flagship UX & UI for design and development teams. Infragistics Ultimate provides new web development platforms like Microsoft’s Blazor, standards-based web components, and other exciting tools for developers looking to modernize legacy web products or drive digital transformation with the desktop to the next level. website. Infragistics Ultimate 21.1 supports developers modernizing their application portfolios with the latest and most modern tools and technologies.

About Infragistics

Infragistics provides the world’s leading enterprises with tools and solutions to accelerate application design and development and foster team collaboration. More than two million developers worldwide use Infragistics’ enterprise-ready UX and UI toolkits to rapidly prototype and build high-performance applications for cloud, web, mobile, and desktop. Infragistics’ Reveal reimagines what business users can achieve with self-service business intelligence visualization, while its brand new app, Indigo.Design, introduces design-to-code efficiencies during designer handoff to the developer.

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