How to become a Product Owner and make a career out of it?

The Product Owner is a crucial position in Agile and Scrum teams. A Scrum Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product with the help of the work done by the Scrum team. How this maximization is achieved can vary across organizations, Scrum teams, and individuals.

Companies do not have a common understanding of what it means to be a product owner, therefore the responsibilities of a product owner vary widely.

It takes a lot of effort to become a great Product Owner. But the experience gained as a product owner will allow the candidate to access a wide range of career opportunities, such as these Product Owner journey business analyst, project manager, product manager, and even the CEO

Let’s see how you can become a Product Owner in 5 simple steps –

1) Do your research and start reading.
The primary responsibility of a Product Owner is to guide their Scrum or Agile teams or guide their efforts to maximize the value of the product they are working with. As a product owner, you can provide leadership and support to your team, creating useful product ideas and discussing them regularly with your scrum or agile team.

Basically, the role of the Product Owner is to set the right direction for a valuable product. If you don’t know how to come up with the right ideas for your product, or if you don’t know how to expertly communicate those ideas to the development team. Then your first goal should be to read at least 1-2 books per month related to Product Ownership and Agile that will help prepare you to pursue the career of Product Owner.

To be a Product Owner, it is important to have a thorough understanding of Product Ownership tools and insights. Product owners typically have a deep understanding and knowledge of various aspects of agile methodology, including the Scrum framework. So, one should consider reading about them in addition to product ownership skills.

2) Get professional training
Reading about product ownership is not enough, you, your company or your team may need professional training in scrum or other relevant methodologies. You might feel better prepared for this role after learning from other established professionals.

There are many advanced courses, both online and offline, that a product owner can decide to take that help them understand how to generate ideas and create value for a product.

You can obtain various certifications after completing the training programs, but consider focusing on the knowledge you acquire, in addition to official degrees, remember that certifications are not the focus here.

3 ) Network with others and create a community
Networking with other like-minded professionals can increase your exposure to new approaches and allows you to motivate and inspire each other. It could also help you keep your team motivated at work.

To meet others on the same journey as you, you can try attending product owner groups or conferences in your area, where you can build in-person professional relationships with other product owners. . Meeting new people and discussing product ownership ideas with them will really boost your progress as a product owner.

You can use social media platforms or professional networking sites, like LinkedIn, to connect with other product owners working with Scrum or other relevant methodologies and learn from their ideas and experiences.

This will help you prepare, in advance, for a variety of situations that may arise as a Product Owner. Therefore, it makes your life a bit easier as a product owner.

4) Get work experience
You must gain real work experience, all the research and training, you can only be tested and improved in a real work scenario.

Employers are looking for product owners and other leaders with extensive work experience, so you can benefit from including your relevant work history on the resume, but things get a little tricky when you’re new to the business. domain because most companies would not want to take the risk of bringing in newbies.
So what you just need to do is make it easy for them to shoot with you. But how do you do that? Training and certifications will be really helpful here, consider highlighting the transferable skills and competencies you’ve developed throughout your previous careers, even if the positions you’ve held have nothing to do with becoming product owner. You can opt for junior roles first or even working for experience may be an option you can explore.

5) Seek mentorship and advice
You should consider finding an experienced professional to act as a mentor or professional coach, especially if you are serious about becoming a product owner.

Mentoring is an extremely valuable asset, a mentor may be able to offer you one-on-one career advice and help you get relevant training or learn the skills needed to master the agile approach.

Important Skills – A Product Owner Must Have

Interpersonal Communication: Product owners need to convey product ideas to their development team and also need to constantly communicate those ideas to external stakeholders. Communication therefore becomes a crucial skill to possess.

Leadership: As Product Owner, you are responsible for guiding the efforts of the team to maximize the value of the product. Managing the entire Scrum team and providing them with the necessary guidance requires incredible leadership skills.

Decision-making: The entire Scrum team depends on the product owner for direction and task delegation, so it becomes important for these professionals to have sharp decision-making skills.

Product ownership is tricky work and coaching/mentoring in this space is not that prevalent. You will therefore have to be a little smart to find experienced Product Owners who may be willing to mentor you and give you the time you need. LinkedIn can be a great platform, where you can find such people. Good property of the product!

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