Hope Ranch Midcentury by architect Carl Maston


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Fans of mid-century architecture will be drawn to 4539 Via Huerto ($4.699 million), designed by Carl Maston and built in 1956. The Hope Ranch house has suave lines and it has been well maintained. (Note the redwood paneling.) The kitchen and bathrooms need updating, however, and the floor plan hasn’t aged well, with the two guest bedrooms right next to the master bedroom. (and sharing a bathroom down the hall). The question is whether someone will buy it and preserve it or expand it to better suit the way people live today. Either way, the 1.3 acre lot is pretty juicy. PS This is a water feature, not a swimming pool.


On the west side of More Mesa, 5292 Louisiana Place ($3.45 million) is something of a flip, with the seller buying it in late 2019 for $1.155 million. While there’s an attractive neatness to it, the open shelving in the kitchen begs some valuable engineering, the backyard lawn is in grim condition, and none of the bedrooms have attached bathrooms. (The pool design is fun, though.) The land adjoins 5295 Shoreline Drive, a vacant lot that has come on the market and is likely ripe for development.


The turnkey 1930 Spanish-style home at 3020 Puesta del Sol ($2.695 million) in San Roque will likely prove a hot commodity. The seller paid $1.925 million in June 2021.


The listing for 3217 Calle Mariposa ($3.795 million), also in San Roque, has no description and the photo alone does the property a disservice, highlighting the awkward shape of the 1977 home. interior was done with less panache than 3020 Puesta Del Sol, the property earns its high price for the neighborhood due to its family size: it’s 3,100 square feet, with an ADU above the garage in the backyard (as well as a covered play area by the pool). Personally, I would have preferred the landscaping to the vast expanses of fake grass.


And a few others worth checking out:
••• 118 Coronada Circle ($2.495 million): Two-bedroom apartment at Villa Coronada.
••• 105 Coronada Circle ($2.75 million): three bedrooms at Villa Coronada; bigger than 118, but more dated and it adjoins Eucalyptus Hill Road.
••• 2721 Verde Vista Drive ($1.395 million): Nice 1938 cottage in San Roque, but it needs updating.
••• 409 Wyola Road ($2.295 million): Attempted reversal of a 1929 Spanish one-bedroom apartment in Samarkand (below); the seller paid $1.1 million in August 2021.
••• 66 Olive Mill Road ($2.599 million): Three-bedroom townhouse within walking distance to Butterfly Beach but close to train tracks.


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