Former Microsoft Solutions Architect Joins EBO

Artificial intelligence company EBO announces the appointment of Alec Pereira, an IT consultant with more than 27 years of multinational experience, who now joins the company’s pre-sales division.

Prior to joining EBO, Alec was Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Architect for Western Europe, focusing on the Portuguese market and overseeing critical workloads in particular, such as SAP and BCDR.

Welcoming Mr. Pereira, Dr. Gege Gatt, CEO of EBO, described this latest appointment as another step in EBO’s journey to establish itself in the international market and attract foreign talent.

Dr. Gatt explained how Mr. Pereira’s role within the EBO team will consolidate its Data Science and Operations departments and assist in the assessment of business and technical requirements to create robust technology solutions that meet the needs of clients.

“Alec’s strong customer-centric approach emphasizes the central role of solution engineering in serving customer strategy. His solution architecture skills examine how different elements of the business, information and technology are applied to solve a specific problem. During this process, Alec will oversee all technology risks to ensure that the solutions we bring to market are consistent and develop the necessary value,” added Dr. Gatt.

Prior to his role at Microsoft, Alec worked as a Sales Engineer at Veritas Technologies for Western Europe, Data Protection and Compliance Manager as well as Business Development Manager for Data Center and cloud at Telefónica Brasil, specifically aimed at expanding public cloud hosting and adoption services.

Alec earned a BS in Information Technology from Monroe College, New York, NY and spent 11 years in the financial industry, gaining experience at institutions such as BBVA and HSBC.

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