DatChat appoints Mark Mathis as chief blockchain architect

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, January 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – DatChat, Inc. (“DatChat” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: DATS), a communications and social media company that gives users the ability to communicate, share and publish with privacy protection and screenshots, today announced the appointment of Mark Mathis as the first chief blockchain architect. The position of Chief Blockchain Architect will focus on aligning the company’s strategic initiatives with the growing adoption of blockchain technology, primarily through development and integration within the DatChat ecosystem.

Mathis brings over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in software and technology development, including leadership roles at IBM, Ally Bank and Bank of America. Mathis will leverage his deep domain expertise in blockchain development and implementation to strengthen DatChat’s technology platform and ecosystem in this newly created role.

“Mark is a seasoned software development veteran and a demonstrated thought leader in the rapidly growing blockchain space, and we are delighted to welcome him to DatChat to lead our Web 3.0 initiatives,” said Darin Myman , CEO of the company. “Innovation, agility and adaptability are the strengths of our organization, and we believe that the continued investment in Web 3.0 technologies sets us apart, not only in the messaging and social media space, but as a visionary technology company. We look forward to learning from his experience. leadership in top-notch organizations and development expertise as we work to evolve our platform. “

Mathis commented, “We have the opportunity to push blockchain adoption further and shape the social media ecosystem by continuing to invest and build our platform by leveraging blockchain as a fundamental part of our work. DatChat’s efforts are at the forefront of the tech industry, and I’m excited to join an organization that seeks to lead the next evolution in the way we communicate. “

About DatChat, Inc.

DatChat Inc. is a blockchain, cybersecurity, and social media company that not only focuses on protecting privacy on personal devices, but also protects users’ information after it is shared with others. The DatChat Messenger & Private Social Network features technology that allows users to change how long their messages are displayed before or after they are sent, prevent screenshots, and hide encrypted photos from view on camera roll. DatChat’s patented technology gives users a traditional texting experience while ensuring control and security of their messages. With DatChat Messenger, a user can decide how long their messages last on a recipient’s device, while still feeling safe, at any time they can delete individual messages or entire message threads resulting in the impression that the conversation never took place.

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