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TL; DR: Scrum 2022 – How to start as a Scrum Master or Product Owner

You are probably considering how to advance your career as a Scrum Master or Product Owner in 2022. Perhaps I can help you in this regard with a set of LinkedIn articles, documents and surveys that I have written and have come up with. proven most popular in 2021. They range from Product Owner and Scrum Master interview questions to a variety of anti-Scrum models to the most engaging polls on seemingly straightforward questions about ‘agile’ in general and Scrum in particular. All articles contain free e-books that explore the issues and provide practical tips on how to resolve them. Good luck with Scrum 2022, stick to the first principles!

27 anti-sprint models holding back Scrum teams

Welcome to the Sprint Anti-Patterns article in our Scrum Anti-Patterns series, covering not only the three Scrum roles, but also stakeholders as well as IT management.

So far, the free Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide has been downloaded over 11,000 times.

20 questions new scrum masters should ask their teams to get up to speed

Twenty questions for you – the new Scrum Master – that fit into a 60 minute time box. Start learning how your new Scrum team is currently delivering product and get up to speed: from product backlog analysis and metrics to team challenges and technical debt. Download a printable template for your convenience.

Scrum Guide 2020 – The development team is dead; Long live the Scrum team!

The Scrum Guide 2020 is available now: the change is coming to make Scrum more accessible and inclusive beyond software development. Learn more about the changes, download the all new and free Reorganized 2020 Scrum Guide to quickly spot trends and join the discussion of the Scrum community.

So far, the Reordered Scrum Guide has been downloaded over 10,000 times.

Product Owner’s Anti-Patterns – 31 + 2 Ways to Improve as a PO

If you are working as a Product Owner, there is most likely room for improvement. This list of some of the more common Product Owner anti-models can be a place to start. Therefore, if you recognize some anti-patterns in your daily work, why don’t you ask the rest of the Scrum team for help? The Product Owner’s list of anti-bosses is a good starting point for a retrospective.

20 anti-sprint planning models

Sprint planning is a key event, defining how the lives of your customers will improve with the next product increment. Learn more about how to improve efficiency by avoiding 20 common anti-sprint planning patterns.

Three large-scale Scrum Master failures in 5h31 minutes – Make your Scrum work # 1

There are a lot of failures in Scrum Masters. Since Scrum is a framework with a precise and concise but short “manual”, this effect should come as no surprise.

Explore with me three popular examples of how Scrum Masters fail on their team in three short video clips, totaling 5 minutes and 31 seconds.

Scrum Master Anti-Patterns – 20 Signs Your Scrum Master Needs Help

There are many reasons why Scrum Masters violate the spirit of the Scrum Guide. They range from inadequate personal traits and the pursuit of individual agendas to frustration with the team itself.

Read on and find out in this Anti-Scrum Patterns article how you can identify if your Scrum Master needs team support.

Agile Metrics – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Appropriate agile metrics reflect either a team’s progress in becoming agile or your organization’s progress in becoming a learning organization.

At the team level, qualitative agile metrics often work better than quantitative metrics. At the organizational level, it is the opposite: quantitative agile metrics provide better information than qualitative metrics.

Conclusion: Scrum 2022 – Getting started as a Scrum Master or Product Owner

Scrum will also be Scrum in 2022. I find this continuity useful because it allows us to think more deeply about challenges and problems. Scrum 2022 is not about reinventing the wheel or chasing the next shiny ‘Agile’ object. 2022 is to show yourself, embrace what awaits us and get your hands dirty while make your Scrum work, one anti-model at a time.

How do you plan to get started in 2022? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Product Owner of API services – Wed, 15 Dec 2021 21:14:50 +0000

What kinds of things has Vanguard done for employees to ease the transition to working from home?

At the start of the pandemic, Vanguard went to great lengths to make employees feel comfortable working from home. He sent new office chairs and office supplies to any employee who needed them, and offered a child assistance policy (a 6-8 week plan at 50% of salary) and sick leave. extended to help employees adjust to their new work-life balance. In addition, they paid performance bonuses two months earlier this year.

When we return to work, or what we call “the next normal”, the plan is to offer support to employees in a variety of ways: how to increase your impact, be an inclusive member of the team, work smarter, and optimize your business. work experience. It will also offer support groups for emotional, physical and financial well-being, in addition to already existing personal and professional activities. specialized programs such as Vanguard’s Technology Leadership Program for graduates who wish to develop their technical expertise and resources for continuing education and student debt reduction.

How has COVID-19 affected hiring?

The biggest question we face with remote tech candidates is whether they will have to move when everyone finally returns to the office. Many hope to work from where they are forever. Because our technical teams work together a lot in the lab, once we get back we will need everyone to work from our office in Malvern, PA.

As far as the hiring process goes, everything has gone virtual, so it’s much faster than our previous process of scheduling and sending people for interviews. No matter how we proceed, our goal is always to fill a position within 55 days from start to finish.

What qualities do you look for in candidates for technology jobs?

We are looking for innovative, solution-oriented developers who understand the limits of the latest technology and are able to come up with ideas and products that have not yet been created. On the other side of the coin, we want these same people to have good business acumen, project management skills and the ability to build relationships with stakeholders.

So it’s a bit of both worlds. You must be able to write code and then have the soft skills to explain your work to stakeholders with a range of technical understanding.

What’s the pace at Vanguard?

Vanguard’s technical team works in an agile working environment, so they work quickly and intelligently. Over the past two years, Vanguard has built a robust continuous delivery system where people can get new production feature updates in under 15 minutes to start testing in live product environments, where in years past, it took months to put something into production. .

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BMG – Product Owner Business Services (DE) Fri, 03 Dec 2021 13:23:18 +0000

We are looking for a Product owner (f / m / d) to join our Global Technology team based at our head office in Berlin. You are a rigorous and highly flexible, wholehearted team player, enthusiastic IT professional, and an excellent communicator with business stakeholders and technology specialists such as software developers, IT specialists. security and infrastructure. You want to be part of the fastest growing music company in the world, BMG.

Your mission : Own some of our digital products!
  • Own and manage the software products used by our legal and business services teams, including the provision of data to downstream services and systems.
  • Understand overall business strategy / needs and manage / prioritize roadmap and backlog balancing short / medium term benefits with long term business and technology goals to maximize stability and scalability of the business product while minimizing technical debt.
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders, other members of the technology team, and developers to create new products, prioritize work items, and achieve business and technology goals.
  • Be the voice of the customer within the technology group and help business users achieve better, measurable results. Act as a technology representative to sales functions and vice versa.
  • Provide vision, direction and methodology to development teams and stakeholders through software development projects.
  • Planning of software releases in collaboration with development teams and ongoing communication with company stakeholders.
  • Support our technology department with your knowledge of the software product that belongs to you.
  • Ensure a good balance between the development of the feature set and the ongoing resolution of technical debt.
  • Take an active role in resolving bottlenecks preventing the success of critical business tasks.
  • Validate product increments to ensure they meet acceptance criteria and adhere to agreed software quality metrics.
  • Commercially assess value / ROI, develop business cases and new ideas on how to achieve them in an IT environment, prioritize epics and stories to align with overall company, product strategy and technology.
  • Stay on top of market trends and developments in the competitive landscape within the music industry.
Your profile
  • Previous work experience as a product owner for over 5 years in a technology team supporting end-to-end product vision and direction, feature definition, backlog management for the team development team and the respective stakeholders.
  • In-depth understanding of key concepts and best practices in technology and product management
  • Proven track record as a Product Owner or Product Manager in driving business capacity expansion, innovation, revenue growth or cost savings
  • Experience working closely with engineers and technology operations teams.
  • Strong communication, presentation and leadership skills with empathy for the needs of business users.
  • Demonstrated ability and desire to engage and collaborate with diverse groups of stakeholders.
  • Experience in understanding basic customer needs and translating them clearly into the product development process.
  • Functional understanding of the music industry including customer acquisitions, publishing, recordings, monetization, royalties, release management, licensing, etc. and the associated application and technology landscape within the music industry. This is not an obligation but a plus.
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in technology or business
  • Certifications – not compulsory but certainly a plus:
    • Scrum Certified Product Owner
    • Certified Google Cloud digital leader
  • Languages: fluency in oral and written professional English, German is not compulsory but a plus
  • Experience and willingness to work with internal and outsourced / offshore teams
Now let’s see what’s there for you
  • The unique BMG culture, empowering and driven by strong values
  • A 21st century, collaborative and flexible work environment
  • A commitment to helping team members develop long-term careers at BMG with in-house training and the renowned Bertelsmann University
  • A fun and respectful community of people who are passionate about working for artists and songwriters
What you need to know about us

BMG – founded in 2008 – is the world’s fourth largest music company, the world’s first new music player in the streaming age, and both a label and a music publisher. Named one of the world’s most innovative companies in 2020 by Fast Company, BMG’s pitch is unique – a constant emphasis on fairness and transparency and service to its artist and songwriter clients. BMG’s 20 offices in 12 major music markets now represent more than three million songs and recordings, including many of the most renowned and successful catalogs in popular music history. BMG is owned by the international media, services and education company Bertelsmann.

Come as you are

As the great Kurt Cobain * once said: “Come as you are”. BMG is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and we celebrate diversity in all its forms. Equal opportunity is deeply rooted in our core value of fairness and we are committed to creating a truly inclusive work environment, where everyone can thrive. If you are good at what you do, come as you are.

All BMG applicants will receive equal treatment regardless of age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status or civil partner, pregnancy or motherhood, race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

* BMG is the proud representative of Kurt Cobain’s publishing catalog, including the 1992 single ‘Come As You Are’.

Are you interested? Then send us your application and all the convincing arguments why you are the right person to get this job.

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Job offer: Software product owner – opsCTRL provider Mon, 15 Nov 2021 03:55:43 +0000
  • NovaLoop is looking for experts with diverse experiences and skills, who believe in sustainability concepts and wish to be part of a multidisciplinary team!

    We look forward to meeting committed people who want to work together to develop and implement sustainable concepts for companies of different sizes and industries. If you’re passionate about making products, supply chains and manufacturing processes more sustainable like us, our team will give you the opportunity to share your beliefs. As a team, we work together every day, sharing common goals and treating each other with respect. As an employer with a vision for the future, we look forward to …

  • Important tips for hiring a PHP developer for web development project

    In the field of web development, PHP development is a recognized option for web development. As of 2021, PHP authorizes over 75% of global web portals and ranks among the best programming languages ​​for web development. What are the main reasons for the popularity of PHP web development solutions? The answer is simple. It is extremely easy to learn, runs efficiently on a different server, and has a special framework. According to some professional web developers, it is easy to choose PHP and build …

  • Exosomes News: Creative Biolabs Introduces Exosome Purification Services for Cargo Loading Research

    As exosomes can transmit information from donor cells to recipient cells via the proteins, mRNA, miRNA they carry, in order thus to achieve the exchange of information and material between cells, they have recently been a hot topic as they are used as a drug carrier to transport “Future research may focus on how to improve exosome loading,” Creative Biolabs lead scientist said, “at present some anti-cancer drugs , including doxorubicin, paclitaxel, and genetic drugs, can be effectively …

  • 1st integrator to be certified in the UK by BARA

    RMGroup became the first integrator in the UK to be accredited under the RIA / BARA Robot Integrator Certification Program. The entire RMGroup team is incredibly proud of this achievement and would like to share the article published below.

  • Free health check-up and refresher sessions are now available for customers of the Near Infrared Endoscope System (NIR-B)

    As an existing NIR-B customer, we offer you and your team a free remote health check-up and refresher training session to ensure peak performance and maximum return on investment from your system, at both instrument and software. During the session we will focus on:

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    Director, Financial Data Product Owner, Peacock at NBCUniversal, LLC Thu, 04 Nov 2021 06:14:41 +0000 Welcome to Peacock, NBCUniversal’s dynamic new streaming service. Here you will find more than a job. You’ll find a fast-paced, top-flight team of unique birds who want to be at the epicenter of tech, sports, news, TV, movies and more. Our herd works hard to connect people with what they love, each other and the world around them by creating shared experiences through culture-defining entertainment.

    As a company, we embrace the power of difference. Our team is committed to creating an organization that champions diversity and inclusiveness for all by curating content and a workforce that represents the world around us. We continue to challenge ourselves and the industry by being customer-centric, data-driven innovation creatures. At Peacock, we’re determined to forge the next frontier in streaming through creativity, teamwork and talent.

    Here you can fly to new heights!

    NBCUniversal, the global media company that brought you some of the world’s most iconic TV and movie franchises, including: The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, The Incredible Kardashian Family, The Real Housewives, Mr. Robot, The Voice, This Is Us, The Fast & The Furious, Jurassic Park, Minions, and more – launches an all-new Direct-to-Consumer streaming service. It will seamlessly bring together the breadth and depth of NBCU’s broadcast and cable TV series, movie titles, top sporting events and renowned news reporting … all in one destination … all in one application.

    We’re a world-class team of smart, hungry and fearless professionals who are energized by the opportunity to work at the epicenter of content, technology and culture. Join us if you want to be a part of this exciting initiative.

    Job overview:

    NBCUniversal is seeking a Retail Director, Owner / Manager of Financial Data Products. As a member of the Decision Science team, you champion a Data-as-a-Product mindset. Owning, managing and supporting data across the underlying systems and technology stack that enables finance, invoicing, strategy and revenue teams to fully leverage our capabilities in the environment.

    The successful candidate will need to be practical, focused on agile delivery and comfortable working with seasoned and demanding stakeholders in a fast-paced environment. Responsible for aligning with business objectives by defining requirements and enforcing an end-to-end data platform, with policies, compliances, security practices and standard technologies associated with the entire data ecosystem.

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

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    Cashé Software welcomes Product Owner, Samantha Frederick Thu, 30 Sep 2021 18:50:53 +0000

    OAKDALE, Minnesota, September 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Cashé Software, a leading provider of agency management software, is pleased to announce that Samantha Frederick, leader in home and community services, has joined the company as Product Owner for Pavillio, their flagship product.

    After six years at MRCI, where she was Director of Client Driven Services, Samantha brings over 15 years of HCBS industry expertise to her role as Product Owner at Cashé. Samantha is passionate about staying one step ahead of national trends and staying at the forefront of industry changes including EVV, CFSS and Waiver Reimagine.

    “We are delighted to welcome Samantha to the team as she is a recognized industry leader and expert in many areas of HCBS advocacy. She has unique insight into the experience of all agency owner-operators, as well as the ability to identify areas for growth and opportunities within the industry. – Praba Manivasager, President, Cashé Software.

    As an experienced user of Cashé software, Samantha understands the value Cashé software can have on the operational excellence of the agency, and the impact on cash flow and ultimately customer service. .

    “I am delighted to be working with Cashé to integrate my knowledge of industry best practices into their cutting edge software to improve service delivery to people with disabilities and touch as many lives as possible. Pavillio is capable and the opportunities are endless. ” – Samantha Frédéric

    Cashé Software is Minnesota’s leading provider of agency management software for home and community service agencies. For more than 15 years, Cashé has been making a difference in the lives of people in need by providing technologies and services to simplify and streamline the administrative aspect of care. Cashé supports more than 375 agencies which take care of more than 60,000 Minnesotans.

    Cashé Software | Pavillio – Cashe software for home and community care


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Praba Manivasager Email:

    Phone: 612-290-5886

    Related files


    Related images

    Image 1: Samantha Frédéric

    Head for Samantha Frederick

    This content was posted through the press release distribution service at

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    Product Owner at Altice USA Sun, 05 Sep 2021 07:07:52 +0000

    Altice USA is a leading communications, media and technology company. We connect people to what matters most to them; texting with friends, advertising that resonates, or binge-watching their favorite show. Our differentiated approach is centered on technologies that push the boundaries and deliver the ultimate customer experience. We are building a workforce that attracts and retains the best talent, not only to meet the needs of our clients, but also reflects the diverse communities we serve. We are not the only ones to have seen it; we were recently recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Employers as well as by the Human Rights Campaign, DiversityInc Magazine and Cablefax for our diversity and inclusion program.

    In June 2019, Cheddar was acquired by Altice USA, which expanded the Cheddar news family to include News12 and i24 and introduced a new portfolio of advertising products. While our culture remains trendy start-ups, the opportunities for success are now even greater.


    We are looking for a key member of our team to play the critical role of ensuring that we support our content teams and deliver engaging experiences to our users by coordinating with the development team in the execution of our strategic goals and initiatives.

    The Altice News product team supports a product portfolio including Cheddar News, News 12, Rate My Professors and internal tools. Covering everything from local and weather and international news to the latest in finance and technology, our news websites and apps have over 4 million unique monthly users. The fast-paced nature of news means our teams appreciate flexibility and speed in responding to the news cycle. We’re looking for a Product Owner to make sure news teams have the tools they need in the CMS to tell their stories through video, multimedia and written content. In addition, you will create a great user experience for news consumers on our websites and apps while ensuring that we meet the target metrics of engagement, growth and digital ad revenue.

    Based in New York, this role will be remote to begin the transition to the WFH / in office hybrid in the future.

    You have the ability to:
    ● Translated a roadmap focused on business priorities and requirements into actionable technical tasks
    ● Identified the dependencies of the non-development team and the development team to ensure the coordination and availability of all relevant components
    ● Build and maintain strong business support from team members to promote a consistent approach to decisions / impacts.
    ● Exerting influence within a cross-functional team to manage and navigate the blocks
    ● Managed communications between the development team and the News product manager as well as the other stakeholders of the company
    ● Identified needs and integration strategies with critical third-party software APIs
    ● Identify and communicate the risks for the product and the schedule

    What will your daily life look like:
    ● Serve as a key link between the News product manager and the development team
    ● Serve as a liaison between the development team and any third-party software
    ● Transforming customer pains and problems into actionable user stories for the development team
    and communicate the voice of the customer in the Scrum process.
    ● Prioritized and organized user stories in the product backlog
    ● Ensure that there is no gap between user stories, business requirements and
    functionality that must be planned for
    ● Identified and documented the acceptance criteria for user stories
    ● Managed product priorities in planning and framing development sprints
    ● Ensured the governance of the feature version approval process
    ● Participate and help to conduct daily stand-up and post-sprint retrospectives to ensure
    efficient and constantly improving development process
    ● Reviewed all versions, making sure they match the acceptance criteria


    • 1+ years working in a fast paced product centric environment
    • Bachelor’s degree preferred
    • Experience with products with multiple third-party integrations
    • Comfortable working in a hybrid WFH / office model
    • Experience working with Clubhouse, ProductBoard, Confluence, Figma is a plus

    Altice USA is an equal opportunity employer committed to recruiting, hiring and promoting qualified people of all origins, regardless of gender, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, military or veteran status, or any other basis protected by federal, state or local.

    Altice USA, Inc. collects personal information about its applicants for employment which may include personal identifiers, professional or employment-related information, photos, educational information and / or classifications protected under federal and state laws. This information is collected for employment purposes, including identification, work authorization, FCRA compliant background checks, human resources administration, and compliance with federal, state and local laws.

    Requirements for this position include demonstration of full COVID-19 vaccine status or weekly COVID-19 testing provided by the company.

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    Exclusive Q&A with Alexander Kamenetskyi, Sports Betting Product Owner at SOFTSWISS – European Gaming Industry News Wed, 25 Aug 2021 06:42:01 +0000 Reading time: 4 minutes

    “The house always wins” is one of the oldest adages in sports betting. It also has to be the most reliable quote, as many bettors would confirm when they’ve been bitten.

    Here is the other side of the story.

    Alexander Kamenetskyi, Sportsbook Product Owner at SOFTSWISS, talks about the steps Sportsbooks is taking to keep fraudulent activity at bay.

    You must read the interview for its lucid and succinct deconstruction of the frauds that take place in the betting arena.

    It’s time for the interview now!

    Q. We had a fabulous Euro 2020, in which Italy rightly emerged as a winner. The betting industry also saw a flourishing activity during the period. But it has been reported that the level of betting fraud has increased in multiple ways. As a Sportsbook Product Owner, how do you see the situation?

    A. First of all, I would like to congratulate all the fans of the Italian national team on their victory! We were finally able to enjoy the football battles of Euro 2020. In my opinion, it was an incredible championship full of dramatic and exciting moments.

    As the statistics show, such important events always see a spike in fraud cases and that is why we are always ready to monitor such activity and mitigate the risks for our clients.

    Q. Could you share some practical experiences where you encountered fraudulent activity and how you dealt with it?

    A. Scammers are always trying to find the weaknesses of the system in the bookie lines and exploit them. This time they knew that they had a chance to go unnoticed for a long time, because the attention of all bookmakers was drawn to Euro 2020. Often bookmakers can also contribute to the appearance of such fraudsters themselves .

    Speaking of the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook team, we are fully prepared for the arrival of unwanted guests. During the championship we mostly saw players with forged documents, but our platform just had the tools to track down and prevent such manipulation.

    Typically, scammers bet on unpopular types of sports and weak leagues. Sometimes they attend matches in person or they bet ahead when there is a fast video broadcast. It’s fairly easy to follow, and we resolve such cases fairly quickly.

    Quite often in such cases, players “artificially” increase their maximum stakes for specific markets (eg through betting on multiple accounts), but we avoid this by analyzing player stakes and activity.

    We have our own risk management and fraud teams, as well as the risk management team at Betradar and Managed Trading Services. We are also in the process of developing automated tracking systems.

    Q. What type of fraud do you normally anticipate as a sports betting operator?

    A. The list is not extensive.

    First, come the “arbers”, or players who find arbitrage situations between bookmakers and exploit them.

    Second, there are “button players” who place bets seconds after the outcome is clear.

    There are also “valuebetters”, or those who bet on higher odds or with an edge.

    Then there are the intermediate betting players, who play mostly for the total, and usually with an advantage.

    And then there is the very prevalent type of scammer – the bonus hunter. Bonus hunters find the weak points of bookmaker promotions and exploit them to their advantage. Some of them may be white hat bonus hunters and we even have someone like that on our team.

    Of course, match fixing is the bane of the sports industry and one of the most serious offenses. Of course, there are many other types of sports betting frauds, but the ones I mentioned are the most common.

    Q. How do you plan to fight against potential fraud?

    A. We are working on developing our own sports betting risk management team. We are also building our internal risk management tools (RMT). Our RMT system is based on a long experience in the field, market needs, new innovative technologies and artificial intelligence. The system will be universal in that it will help us to work not only with fraudsters, but also with ordinary players.

    Q. Could you share some information about software checks and AI-based analytics that make it easier to detect and prevent fraud in betting?

    A. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal all the cards because RMT is an anti-fraud system. I can only say that we are developing tools that rely on artificial intelligence based on data analysis. We are already working on unique tools to tackle the main types of fraud, which will react not only to the style of play but also to the overall behavior of the players.

    I can also add that our protection system not only works for each project separately, but encompasses all brands on our platform.

    Q. Coming back to Euro 2020, what are the news related to fraudulent bets? Is this a case of emerging new age scammers or a case of former punters getting smarter, just like Italian defenders?

    A. The Italian defenders showed us a level of play that we can admire. I can say that the average con artist is quite diverse. The experienced guy is always on the lookout for new projects, wrong proposals, and mostly uses trite and true scam methods. Young crooks put more emphasis on modern methods such as bots.

    Q. Do all fraud detection and prevention mechanisms affect the sheer pleasure of splashing around? Will the whole process become cumbersome for real punters? I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic.

    A. Our tools work not only with negative players, but also with positive ones. We pay a lot of attention to working with those players who have proven themselves to be honest and conscientious. Additionally, we create great bonus offers for our players that encourage their gambling activity and do not use complex betting systems. We are also very keen to introduce gamification to the platform in the near future, which is currently in development.

    Q. Finally, how do you see fraudulent activities and prevention mechanisms evolving in the future? What’s your bet on this?

    A. The world of betting is huge, but it has not yet reached its peak. Of course, fraud will continue to grow and there are many reasons for this.

    Newbie bookmakers unfamiliar with sports betting basics will continue to create inaccurate bonus offers, miscalculate bonus calculations, and create bonus overlap. Errors in the betting lines and a lack of analytical work will continue to generate negative results.

    It is our job to create a product that strengthens the operator against negative results, but we are not able to completely isolate ourselves from the market. That is why we will be working on new tools to fight fraud and further improve the quality of our product, above all, so that ordinary gamers can enjoy the game.

    Our main task is to provide high quality and reliable product to players. Sports betting is a great way to have fun. And that’s why we create a safe and secure environment around sports betting with SOFTSWISS Sportsbook.

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    What is a Scrum Certified Product Owner and why should you do it? Wed, 04 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

    Text size:

    Certified Scrum Product Owner® is a certification training that benefits the Product Owner to achieve desirable profits in the company.

    Scrum Alliance® approves and authorizes a product owner to successfully assume the role and responsibilities. It is a certification which grants a help to orient the big project towards the success and the profits.

    Why become a Scrum Certified Product Owner®?

    The roles and responsibilities of a Product Owner acquired through the practice of skills are important, but becoming a professional CSPO® increases the certainty of a better use of tools and techniques, to be an effective Product Owner and to broaden the scope of opportunities.

    In modern times, teams are very inclined to use Scrum to create opportunities for product owners. A highly competitive market has led to an increased demand for professional “Scrum Product Owners” to achieve peak business value and benefit not only individuals but organizations as well.

    Benefits of CSPO certification

    CSPO certification has both individual and organizational advantages.

    Benefits for individuals

    • More career options with a broader knowledge of agile practices
    • Advanced support for Scrum skills to achieve more ambitious goals
    • Multiple opportunities to dialogue with Scrum practitioners
    • Better use of Scrum knowledge in the team to have a better product

    Organizational benefits

    • Innovation in product description and creation of greater value for it.
    • Improved support for teams with larger projects.
    • Better communication and engagement with stakeholders and team members.
    • Shared and expanded knowledge domain for agile practices.

    How to acquire the CSPO® certification?

    The following is the process for obtaining Scrum Product Owner Certification.

    1. Choose a good Scrum Alliance® Registered Training Provider (REP) to start the learning journey.
    2. Develop an understanding of the fundamentals of Scrum concepts and become familiar with the terminology.
    3. Attend the two-day workshop for training with Certified Scrum trainers.
    4. In this step, Certified Scrum Trainers® update the details adding recommendations for the Scrum Alliance.
    5. The person who applied then receives an acceptance email from Scrum Alliance with the account details.
    6. Log in with the credentials provided in the welcome mail and accept your license.
    7. Finally, get your CSPO certification.

    Eligibility criteria

    There are no specific criteria to join the CSPO® certification course but a little familiarity with the basics of Scrum concepts will always be beneficial to have an effective learning process.

    Scrum Product Owner Levels

    • Level 1: Business analyst
    • Level 2: Senior business analyst
    • Level 3: Product Owner
    • Level 4: Senior Product Manager

    What to learn to become CSPO®?

    In the journey to become a CSPO, there is a lot to grasp in order to develop new skills and gain knowledge.

    Product skills development
    Familiarize yourself with the main concepts of Scrum and all associated terms to develop the skills required to be a Product Owner.

    Leading the teams
    Broaden the knowledge domain to achieve a vision and better lead the team for higher product value

    communication skills
    Fluid communication while dealing outside the team or within the team to achieve clarity and increase business value

    Effective planning skills
    Create the plans with the goal of reaching bigger goals and implementing them effectively to become a successful Scrum Product Owner.

    Scrum execution
    Work on the implementation of the Scrum functionality by gaining advanced knowledge and expanding the scope of opportunities

    Risk management
    Learn how to plan ahead and calculate risks using different methods for better analysis and effective results.

    Improved ROI
    Adopt an improved plan of action for better business value and better ROI with multiple execution methods.

    Efficient productivity
    Learn how to improve your productivity with targeted actions.

    Career path

    Here are the three ways to become a Certified Scrum Professional:

    For developers / testers, product / project managers, business analysts, Scrum Masters, Scrum Master team leaders: CSM → A-CSM → CSP-SM

    For Developers / Testers, Product / Project Managers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Team Managers, Product Owner: CSPO → A-CSPO → CSP-PO

    Architects, analysts, programmers, database developers, testers, IT operations and others
    Scrum Developer: CSD → CSP

    What is the scope of the Scrum Product Owner?

    The Product Owner is the # 1 emerging role or skill set required for an emerging global workforce. In the coming years, the expected employment growth rate is 15% with multiple jobs.

    Work roles for the Scrum product owner

    • Agile Coach
    • Product manager
    • Technical program manager
    • Senior product manager
    • Project Manager
    • Product owner

    Who should be present?

    • Project managers
    • Managers – Software Development
    • Software developers
    • Developers
    • Architects – Software Development
    • Software testers
    • Product owners
    • Product managers
    • Team leaders / Team leaders

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