Carolina Panthers owner doesn’t tell Matt Rhule about Sean Payton rumors

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Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said his boss, and team owner Dave Tepper, told him there was “nothing to” recent rumors that the team was considering making Sean Payton their head coach in 2023.

On Thursday, it was reported that retired New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was a target for the organization should they decide to retire their current coach Matt Rhule in 2023. The rumor was surprising since the coach Super Bowl winner is expected to transition to a career in broadcasting in the near future, and Rhule only managed the team for two seasons.

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History has certainly put Rhule in a tough spot as he heads into a third campaign that is already under pressure after a 10-23 run so far as the best field shooter for the Panthers. Caroline. However, at a press conference on Friday, the former Baylor manager claimed the team owner called him directly after the report made headlines and let him know he was not. had nothing to fear.

Carolina Panthers owners try to debunk Sean Payton rumors

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“As for this report, the first one I heard of was Dave [Tepper] called me and said it was coming out,” Rhule said. [h/t Pro Football Talk]. “They had called him, that there was nothing to do. I know Dave Tepper well enough to believe he wouldn’t be talking to another coach right now. He came to my house two and a half years ago and told me it was a five year rebuild. That’s what he told me.

“He then convinced me to come and be part of it and build it with him. We’re not where we want to be. I don’t think it’s going to take five years, I don’t want it to take five years, but these are the words he said to me.

Cam Newton back with the Carolina Panthers still in the cards

Tepper trying to allay his head coach’s fears is the right move, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t truth to Payton’s reports. Given the Panthers’ on-field product over the past two seasons, unless Rhule can turn things around significantly in 2023, there’s a good chance he won’t get a fourth season to turn the game around. franchise by winning.

Reports already claim that Payton is not long for the game show, so he would certainly be an attractive choice for the job in Carolina if he becomes available.

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