Bruks Siwertell’s innovative R&D program offers significant benefits to the owner

Bruks Siwertell can now reveal the extremely positive results of its recent innovative research and development (R&D) programme, aimed at improving the life of the vertical screw conveyor in its market leading range of Siwertell technology. The results offer a substantial reduction in wear part costs and are applicable to Bruks Siwertell’s entire screw equipment portfolio, including Siwertell’s ship unloaders, loaders and conveyors.

The program focused on owner benefits, with Bruks Siwertell reviewing several key elements of the vertical conveyor. “A product that has already been tried and loved can always be improved,” says Per Hansson, Sales Manager, Bruks Siwertell. “Adding value is central to any R&D program at Bruks Siwertell. We not only try to improve our products, but also, in line with our sustainability strategy, to make the production process more environmentally friendly.

“We are delighted that the results of this program provide our dry bulk handling customers with some of the most significant owner benefits available on the market,” continues Hansson. “The longer life of the vertical screw conveyor will result in fewer wear component swaps and significantly lower total maintenance costs for operators who use our technology.

“Siwertell screw conveyors already offer some of the lowest maintenance costs on the market,” he notes. “But these customer-focused advancements are extraordinary and set an extremely high industry standard for this type of wear part.”

The program, which began in 2021, was launched to support Bruks Siwertell customers in grain, soybean and soybean meal handling, but the results will naturally be used to improve the vertical screw conveyor for handling other products as well.

“We started looking at this segment for several reasons,” says Hansson. “This is an industry that places huge demands on its dry bulk handling equipment, not only in terms of intensity, but it is also extremely competitive in terms of cost, which places substantial market expectations on lifespan. components and lifetime costs.

“For example, we have grain, soybean and soybean meal handling systems in Brazil that operate up to 4,000 hours/year, working some of the tightest seasonal schedules in the bulk industry. agriculture,” he notes. “There is no capability in these operations for any unplanned downtime; longer screw conveyor lifespans ensure that we will continue to achieve this goal more efficiently.

“Very high operating conditions naturally have an unavoidable impact on wear parts and, arguably, the vertical screw is one of the most critical,” adds Hansson. “By focusing our R&D efforts on this, we could see great potential; By significantly improving the life of wearing parts, we could offer our customers significant lifetime maintenance savings, without increasing investment costs, and benefit the environment through an approach more sustainable.

To establish higher durability and wear resistance, the program included analyzing and testing several different configurations, as well as challenging and updating an already proven design. Alternative production methods and techniques were also considered, along with a review of the supply chain. This was necessary to allow shorter lead times for a demanding market and made the whole chain more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

“Every element has been carefully considered and verified, resulting in an advanced solution that offers the best of previous generations in a stronger package, with reduced operator costs and environmental impact,” concludes Hansson.

Bruks Siwertell is currently running several R&D projects, all with the same goal as this one: to improve homeowner benefits, set a higher standard for smart solutions and drive positive and lasting change.

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