Biden Sanctions Architect US NSA Deputy Daleep Singh Did Not Warn India, White House Confirms

The White House confirms there was no warning issued to India by US NSA MP Daleep Singh (R)


The Biden administration’s key architect for Russian sanctions, Indian-American Daleep Singh, had issued no warning to India about oil imports from Russia during his recent trip to New Delhi and had had a rather constructive dialogue, the White House said on Friday.

The White House made this claim while noting that India imports more energy from the United States than Russia.

“I wouldn’t call it a warning,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters during her daily briefing in response to a question about Daleep Singh’s recent visit to India.

Daleep Singh, deputy national security adviser to President Joe Biden, is seen as the architect of economic sanctions against Russia in its war on Ukraine.

“When Daleep was in India, he issued this warning to India not to increase its purchases of Russian oil. And we were wondering if similar sanctions were perhaps being considered for other countries, asking them to limit their Russian oil purchases at previous levels and maybe not,” the White House press secretary asked.

“He (Singh) went and had a constructive conversation and clarified that if it’s the decision of every country including India whether they’re going to import Russian oil, it’s only 1 to 2% of its imports. , About 10% of their imports come from the United States,” Ms. Psaki said.

“He indicated, of course, that they would have to respect the sanctions that are not related to this decision. But we would also be there to help them diversify and even go as far as further reducing beyond 1 to 2%,” Ms Psaki said in response. .

During his visit to India, Daleep Singh, in his interaction with reporters, reportedly warned India against expecting Russia to come to the country’s defense if China were to breach the line. of effective control, because the two countries are now in a “limitless partnership”. “.

“I come here in the spirit of friendship to explain the mechanics of our sanctions, the importance of joining us in expressing shared resolve and advancing common interests. And yes, there are consequences for countries that actively try circumvent or offset these sanctions,” Singh said.

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