Owner Successfully Calls $3.5M Capital

Pham Kim Hung (middle), CEO of True Platform

Vietnamese start-up True Platform (Base Global) has completed the seed capital call with an investment of $3.5 million.

The True Platform seed round attracted famous funds such as January Capital, Alpha JWC Ventures and BEENEXT, FPT Corporation and other individual investors.

Analysts said it was one of the biggest investments in tech startups in Southeast Asia in recent years.

True Platform is a technology startup, debuting at the end of 2021. It is a digital transformation startup and its main products are the platforms to support the administration and management of companies that help them manage transactions, to increase loyalty, to communicate continuously and to work with customers. more efficiently.

From the beginning, the startup decided to become a global company.

True Platform is a startup founded by Pham Kim Hung, who also serves as CEO. Hung is also the founder of, a digital transformation startup that FPT Corporation purchased in May 2021.

While’s products aim to help companies optimize their internal operating processes (bridging divisions, processing proposals and managing human resources, etc. within companies), True Platform’s products aim to help companies to optimize their operation, their interactions and their transactions with customers.

According to CEO Pham Kim Hung, the just-called $3.5 million investment capital would be used to develop a product ecosystem with the orientation of a product-centric company.

One of the main priorities of the startup is to increase the staff to have 100 workers.

In the immediate future, True Platform will strengthen the creation of two important products for the international market: Success Platform, a customer-centric platform, and Rework Platform, a new operating platform within and between companies. Both platforms are expected to launch this year.


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