Architect Sanjay Puri Designs A Sculptural, Energy-Efficient Home In The Desert Of Rajasthan

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Thanks to the house’s protective “shield” and large windows, interiors forge better, deeper connections with the outdoors and are illuminated by indirect natural light minus heat. Like the skin of the building, the interior walls are also punctuated by generously proportioned arched doorless portals for different functions, infusing connectivity into the layout. In conjunction with these strategies, the orchestration of spaces – closed volumes extend into semi-closed spaces, which, in turn, spill out onto the outside – makes for a light, airy and fresh environment.

Dinesh Mehta

The hand washing area just outside the powder room. The decoration of flamed granite slats gives it its own identity.

Dinesh Mehta

Dinesh Mehta

For Mirai’s 920 square meter interiors, Nina Puri rightly let the architectural volumes lead the spatial dialogue, keeping the treatment restrained. The piece’s shells are monochromatic and neutral, with material textures lending a subtle energy to the narrative. Dominated by organic elements, the ornamentation, again, is proportionally muted, following the line of “just enough”.

The neat and contemporary home office.

Dinesh Mehta

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