Architect overseeing cathedral took $6m despite block not being laid – Bright Simons

He said the National Cathedral faces project management challenges.

He wrote: “Aerial view of the National Cathedral of Ghana. Please where in the world, let alone in the developing world, can a supervising architect take $6 million for a project that Is this stage of construction a project plagued with project management challenges?

Meanwhile, work on the National Cathedral has stalled months after project contractors RIBADE Company LTD, reportedly laid off more than 200 of its workers for lack of funds.

The building site came to a halt after the government spent about GH¢200 million on the project, but still at the foundation level.

A letter dated March 14, 2022, signed by the project manager, Grant Ramsay, making the rounds on social media, asks all workers to return all property in their possession to the human resources office.

She said she only complied with the parts of the contract that directed her to mitigate costs since she was not receiving funds for the project.

Part of the letter reads: “Due to the lack of payment from the National Cathedral of Ghana, which led to the suspension of the project, RIBADE COMPANY LTD is contractually obligated to mitigate the costs.”

“Pursuant to such an obligation under the contract, RIBADE COMPANY LTD has no choice but to issue this letter of notice terminating the agreement between RIBADE COMPANY LTD and you in accordance with the provisions of your employment contract .

“This Notice of Termination is effective March 14, 2022, so you are requested to return all company-owned property (i.e. safety equipment, etc.) in your possession to the Resource Office before closing the same day,” he added.

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