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The new Aptos Branch Library of the Santa Cruz Public Library System (SCPL) led the way. Following the demolition of the previous building, the rebuilt $12.4 million, 12,400 square foot library will provide Aptos with a fresh, modern and sustainably designed facility. The Anderson Brulé Architects/Bogard Construction design-build team has decades of experience in Santa Cruz County and library design and construction.

Guided by the vision of an up-to-date facility that supports modern functionality and technology, the design of the Aptos Branch Library supports a variety of library and community programs while promoting occupant well-being and demonstrating responsible environmental stewardship. The Aptos agency will produce as much energy as it consumes and will only require half the energy of a conventional library. This will be achieved by orienting the building to maximize sunlight not only to generate solar energy, but also to illuminate the interiors from large windows and skylights, minimizing the need for artificial lighting. The building will also feature a small wind turbine to supplement the electricity generated by solar energy. Gardens and terraces with drought-resistant landscaping and rainwater harvesting features will aid in water conservation efforts.

Given its prominent location in Aptos’ Soquel Avenue corridor, the team understands the library’s role as a community landmark. That’s why the library experience begins with better access via multiple modes of transportation, more parking, and lush, inviting landscapes that provide a variety of spaces to read, play, or simply enjoy moments of natural tranquility.

The new library at the Aptos branch was made possible through the passage of Measure S in 2016 as well as generous community donors.

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